Nothing to Lose Transpersonal Psychotherapy



Why Can't I Meditate? How to get your mindfulness practice on track, published by Piatkus, February 2015 and Tarcher Perigee, April 2016. Nigel Wellings is also available for seminars and talks on this and associated subjects.


"On many occasions I found myself identifying exactly with the accounts from the contributors. Sometimes on areas that I feel I am failing myself, so very reassuring that this is normal. It was very warming to hear what is going on behind those quiet moments and closed eyes, and to see that my experiences are the same."

Dr. Imogen Batterham

"Looking at your chapters, they are lovely, insightful and helpful. I also think you write very well. I really like your discussion of the different selves within us and how one can be in conflict with another and that people who are fearful of unknown parts of themselves, their shadow, are going to struggle with compassion, becoming caught up in conflicts and struggles in contrast to observing them as "nature's mind at work"."

Prof. Paul Gilbert
Author, The Compassionate Mind

"Nigel’s writing, and the words of the practitioners and teachers that speak through the pages of this book, helps us to understand and find words for the interior world of thoughts and emotions that our mindfulness reveals - a world that is usually hidden from view and often harshly judged when seen. In so doing he encourages us to look into our own inner world in a fresh and curious way."

Rebecca Crane,
Director, Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice,
Bangor University

Other books by Nigel Wellings

Nothing To Lose, psychotherapy, mindfulness and living life.

Nigel Wellings and Elizabeth Wilde McCormick. Foreword Mark Epstein, author of Thoughts Without a Thinker. 

2006 Continuum, now 2010 Woodyard Publications. 223 pages £12.50 +pp. Contact us for copies.

“In sharing their insights gained from the long application of Buddhism and Western psychology, Nigel Wellings and Elizabeth McCormick have produced a rich and moving work that reflects an unflinching honesty about themselves and a deep commitment to the welfare of others.” 

Stephen Batchelor, author Buddhism without Beliefs and Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist.

Transpersonal Psychology, Theory and Practice.

Edited by Nigel Wellings and Elizabeth Wilde McCormick. Sage Publications 2000

“In addition to proving timely, this book represents a milestone in the formalisation of transpersonal psychology . . . The book stands as a shining example of how psychotherapists can not only make their work comprehensible to readers, but can convince us of its ability to make a profound difference to the lives of both thier clients and of themselves.”

David Fontana, Visiting Professor of Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Liverpool John Moores University

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